Bakery Case Displays Unlock Higher Sales

As bakery owners, you have the power to create a fun, festive and inspiring experience for your customers!

Celebrate all holidays: Big & Small

Focusing on upcoming holidays, both big and small will turn your store into a destination, not just a bakery. Turning National Spaghetti Day into something to celebrate isn’t for all businesses, but bakeries can do just that.

First you simply need to let your customers know that its’ National Spaghetti Day (or any other small (may we say silly!) holiday:

And then you simply put your French bread loaf on specials that day. When the customer is inspired to make spaghetti for dinner and stops in for a loaf of bread, make sure your store is decorated for the upcoming other holidays and plant the seed for her next visit. Bakeries are destination businesses, meaning your customers can live without you, so inspiring them to come visit is important.

festive displays on the top of your bakery cases

Your bakery displays can be the key to unlocking higher sales. Decorating your store is a powerful way to inspire your customers in the weeks leading up to holidays. Making the upcoming celebrations impossible to ignore ensures that your bakery is an integral part of their festive plans. This also goes for your eCommerce store, which customers are expecting to feel on topic and offering current holiday offerings up front and center.

Here are a few tricks to turn your bakery into a celebration destination:

Holiday-Focused Display Cases: Use the top of your display cases to spotlight a specific holiday. For instance, dedicate the top of your cookie case to a charming Valentine’s Day display, showcasing all your delightful offerings. And then your pastry case to all things Paczki and Mardi Gras.

Festive Liners and Décor: Start with a festive liner on top of your cases. Utilize theme-appropriate table linens or even budget-friendly options from the dollar store to ensure your display stands out and doesn’t get lost amidst the products in the case.

Zoned Organization: Keep your store organized by creating distinct zones for different holidays. This helps customers easily navigate and shop according to their plans for each celebration.
Layered Heights for Displays: Add visual interest by using layered heights for your displays. Incorporate cake stands, boxes, and risers to keep the presentation engaging and visually appealing.

Cost-Effective Packaging: Source cost-effective holiday-themed packaging from stores like Dollar Tree, Target’s dollar section, or TJ Maxx. This not only enhances your product presentation but also allows you to pass along the festive vibes at affordable prices.

Incorporate these strategies, and watch as your bakery becomes a destination where customers not only buy bakery items but become a part of a must stop for all celebrations, big and small.

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