Bakery Goal Setting for 2024


SMART Method Goal Setting

Happy New Year!  

2024 is here and we are ready for a year of growth and change!
Here at BakeSmart we are setting some strong intentions for a successful year.  As a wise man once said, “Aim for nothing and you’ll hit it every time!”  So, we’re kicking of 2024 with a reminder of the power of goal setting, and we are using the Smart Goal method. 

We know that life at bakery is fast paced and many times it’s hard to find time to pause and set some strong intentions and goals for where, how and it what direction you want your business to grow.   However, it might just be the shift your bakery needs in 2024! 

SMART Goals are: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Based

As you look ahead what are you bakery’s goals? 

Using the SMART goal setting method, you can track, measure and pivot to reach these goals.   We’ve put together a few ideas for how you can plan for your bakery’s success using the SMART method… feel free to use, edit or simply be inspired by them. 

Examples of Bakery Related Goals and how using BakeSmart can help achieve those goals! 


Develop a Customer Loyalty Program

Within 8 weeks, we will create a loyalty program that rewards customers who make repeat purchases with discounts, free items, and other incentives. We will ensure the program is well-publicized within our shop and on social media.


Specific: Develop a customer loyalty program that rewards loyal customers for their continued business.
Measurable: Determine the monthly number of new members added to the loyalty program. And track through BakeSmart reporting. 
Attainable: This SMART goal is achievable with BakeSmart’s Loyalty Program Feature and promotional efforts.
Relevant: The loyalty program will help to strengthen customer retention and encourage repeat purchases.
Time-based: Achieve your goal within two months and continue to grow the program throughout the year. 

Launch eCommerce Store

We will invest the time to build our Online eCommerce Store that allows customers to place orders from our bakery online. We will have the system up and running within 6 weeks. 

Specific: The eCommerce store will be launched and taking orders within 6 weeks of deciding this is a goal. 
Measurable: Mark your calendar on the day you decide and make sure it’s launch by the date!
Attainable: Launching your BSOL store is fast and easy and absolutely possible within 6 weeks. 
Relevant: Bakery businesses must be able to accommodate online orders to keep up with the competition, current shopping trends and to reduce labor costs and elevate customer experience. 
Time-based: Achievement of this goal within 6 weeks.


Engage With Local Community

We hope to create greater visibility within the local community for my bakery business for the next 9 months. We want to create a network of relationships with local businesses, educational establishments, and charities to help me increase our presence in the area.

Specific: Identify the target audience and what actions they will take to reach them.
Measurable: Count the relationships formed with local businesses, educational establishments, and charities.
Attainable: It is feasible to create networks with local groups in order to enhance visibility. Create special pricing for any restaurant, school, community center, etc and manage with BakeSmart’s customer profile tools. 
Relevant: A greater presence in the local community would benefit the bakery business.
Time-based: Goal completion should be anticipated over the 9 months ahead.


Expand to New Locations

We’ll aim to have two new bakery branches in different locations within two years. We will evaluate each location’s potential, carry out market research, and explore new opportunities to increase our reach

Specific: This states what the business plans to do (have two branches in different locations) and how long it will take them to reach it (two years).
Measurable: You can track the locations opened within the given timeline.
Attainable: Establishing two new branches in different locations is doable after two years. And with BakeSmart, setting up operations between locations is easy, fast and reliable! 
Relevant: Having multiple locations would increase the bakery’s reach and profitability.
Time-based: Two years are required to attain long-term success. 


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