Revolutionize Your Bakery’s Custom Cake Ordering with Technology

In 2024, an eCommerce store for your retail bakery is a must. It’s not just about having an online presence; it’s about leveraging technology to transform your sales process.

By embracing an online custom cake ordering system, you streamline operations, reduce costs, and create a more satisfying customer experience.

This strategic shift not only boosts your profitability but also sets the stage for ongoing success in a competitive market.

When I managed a bakery, our team spent countless hours exchanging emails with customers, sending estimates for cakes they described via email, often with attached pictures. More often than not, these cakes were priced beyond the customers’ budgets, forcing us to start the process over. This back-and-forth communication was not only time-consuming but also costly. Decorators, who are our most expensive labor, were frequently interrupted to provide details for accurate pricing, eroding our profits.

If you run a bakery that sells custom cakes, this scenario might sound all too familiar.

However, there is a better way.

By leveraging technology, you can revolutionize your sales process, making it more efficient and profitable. Here’s how.

Embrace the Power of eCommerce for Custom Cakes
Many bakeries already have eCommerce stores for their standard products, but the real profitability lies in custom sales. Software like BakeSmart offers seamless options to integrate custom cake orders into your eCommerce store. This allows you to capture customer dollars immediately when they are in the planning stages of their events, shopping online for the perfect cake.

Streamline the Ordering Process
Start by creating an online design catalog where customers can choose a base design and customize it further with their preferred flavors, fillings, frostings, and specific design elements. As your catalog grows, so will your sales. Customers often search for sweets that match their party themes, so make sure you are offering popular theme options. You’ll start capturing sales without any direct interaction.

Direct Customers to Your eCommerce Store
Guide your customers to your eCommerce store or an in-store kiosk as the primary place for custom cake orders. Make sure to organize your designs into easy-to-navigate categories. For example, under “Birthdays you could have subcategories like “Kids’ Birthdays,” further divided into “Boys’ Birthdays,” “Girls’ Birthdays,” “Animals,” and “Trendy Themes.” Popular designs like roses or balloons can be listed across multiple categories.

Offer a Premium Custom Ordering Experience
For customers who prefer a more personalized approach, offer an in-person or phone consultation with a dedicated sales team member. This can be easily arranged through your website or social media using calendar apps like Calendly. Create a premium experience, such as a “White Glove Custom Ordering Service,” which includes a cake tasting and undivided attention from a sales expert. This service should be priced at around $25 per consultation, which can be deducted from the final order cost if the customer proceeds with the purchase. This ensures that your team’s time is valued, even if an order isn’t placed.

Benefits of an eCommerce Store
In 2024, having an eCommerce store for your retail bakery is essential. It’s as crucial as having a display case in your physical store. Here’s why:

1. Expand Your Customer Reach
• Reach a wider audience beyond your local area, attracting customers who may not visit your physical location but are interested in your products.

2. Increased Sales Opportunities
• Your bakery is now open 24/7, allowing customers to place orders at any time, day or night. This is particularly powerful during holidays and busy seasons, increasing your sales opportunities. Price complicated cakes one time and sell the same design many times! 

3. Convenience for Customers
• Today’s customers value convenience. They can browse, read reviews, place orders, and dream about their next visit—all from the comfort of their homes. An eCommerce platform enhances their shopping experience and satisfaction.

4. Enhanced Marketing Opportunities
• Your eCommerce store opens up a myriad of digital marketing possibilities. Leverage social media, email marketing, and promotions to drive traffic and sales. Easily communicate special offers and discounts through your online store to attract more customers.

Implementing a New Sales Culture
By shifting to this model, you create a streamlined, efficient process that benefits both your business and your customers.

Here’s how to make it happen:
1. Develop a Comprehensive Online Catalog
• Create a detailed and attractive online catalog with customizable cake designs categorized by themes and occasions.

2. Educate Your Customers
• Guide your customers to use your eCommerce store or in-store kiosk for custom orders. Make the process easy and intuitive.

3. Offer Premium Consultation Services
• Set up a booking system for personalized consultations. Ensure your sales team is well-trained to handle custom orders and pricing without needing constant input from decorators.

4. Promote Your Online Store
• Use digital marketing strategies to promote your eCommerce store. Highlight the convenience and variety of options available to attract more customers.

Revolutionize your bakery’s custom cake ordering process today. Embrace technology, enhance customer experience, and watch your business thrive.

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