BakeSmart Wedding Settings Keep You on Track

Can you hear the bells? That’s the sound of both wedding bells and cash register bells. Bakeries that offer wedding cake services can see a great deal of profit from their creative masterpieces. BakeSmart knows that weddings can be stressful, meticulously detailed, and beautiful for all involved. That’s why we included some special settings in our software solution to help bakers stay organized so they can focus on creating the wedding cake of any couple’s dreams. 

Take a look at how BakeSmart can keep your wedding cake orders on track and conveniently organized. 

BakeSmart's Wedding Order Info

Working with the Happy Couple

When you’re making a wedding cake, you want to make sure you and the couple are on the same page for all the details of the cake. This page, either physical or digital, comes in the form of a cake contract where all the specifics are laid out for everyone to agree upon. Once you mark an order as “Wedding” in BakeSmart, there is a dedicated space for your contract text so you can refer back to it as necessary without having to dig it out of a folder. 

Orders that are marked as a wedding allow for additional information to be entered into the system, such as:

  • Number of guests
  • Wedding date 
  • Ceremony time
  • Reception time
  • Other Wedding contacts

There’s also a place to add documents, so if they provided a picture for inspiration, you can add it in into BakeSmart as well. 

With BakeSmart, you can also set your preference for payment. However many days your bakery requires full payment before the wedding, BakeSmart will calculate the final payment due date. 

Once you have all the wedding details in BakeSmart, you can print a wedding order confirmation document that will contain everything you need, including the contract terms. 

BakeSmart Wedding Order Settings

Working with a Venue

Another great way to offer wedding cake services is to work directly with a venue or reception hall. A relationship with a venue can be mutually beneficial. Your bakery can get a steady stream of wedding business and the venue can upcharge their customers on the cakes you provide. 

With BakeSmart, you can designate special pricing for each venue depending on your contract. You can set special pricing or a specific price level, such as 15% off retail. BakeSmart allows for up to 12 price levels in addition to the individual pricing. 

And if the couple wants additional items that aren’t covered by your contract with the venue, you can use BakeSmart to link their order together with the venue and still charge a retail price.

BakeSmart’s wedding settings can help you keep on track so you can continue to deliver beautiful and memorable wedding cakes while minimizing the hassle and stress of contracts and maximizing your profits.

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