At BakeSmart, we admire bakeries and bakery owners who are doing things differently. We like to highlight these bakeries and find out a little more about them. Recently we got to chat with Bill Hanisch about the Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop and why he loves doing what he’s doing.

The Bakery: The Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop
The Website:  
The Location: Red Wing, Minnesota
The number of years open: 12

Hanisch Bakery is a full-line, retail and wholesale bakery with ties to Red Wing close to 100 years in the making. Their bakery selection is what sets them apart from most bakeries. Among other items, Hanisch offers: 

  • 15 different muffins
  • 15 different cookies
  • 10 different kinds of pies
  • More than 80 daily donuts and sweets varieties

Hanisch Bakery has been voted The Best Donuts in Minnesota and The Best Bakery in Minnesota via the WCCO Best of Minnesota feature. 

Hanisch offers more than just baked goods as well. They have a coffee shop with a full espresso bar. It serves 11 daily coffee flavors and is big enough to seat more than 50 people. They’ve even won multiple awards for their chili.

You may need more than one stop to take it all in. They are truly a destination bakery. 

What is your best social media tip for bakers?

“Be yourself. Feature your products, specials, and share the community that supports you. Take control of all your social media, and internet-related sites, making sure everything is the same and follows the same line. 

Consistency is one of the most important items in both your products and your social media posting. Interaction is one of the biggest keys as well. Focus on social media as your number one advertising means, in the long run, it will pay huge dividends!”

For more social media best practices and tips, take a look at this BakeSmart blog

Hanisch Bakery sprinkle donuts

Tell us about some of your favorite projects or creations.

“There has been so many to list that it is very hard to choose only a few. A creation we created for Rubin The Blue Bin’s Birthday, or the Gingerbread House we created for The St. James Hotel are two that stick out. 

We also produced 15,000 burger buns for Country Jam and 20,000 cookies for a local church group.”

Butterfly Wedding Cake
Bookworm Wedding Cake

Why do you love baking?

“I love the joy it brings a customer when they walk in the bakery for the very first time. That smile and amazement of all the products will never get old to me.”

Keep up with Hanisch Bakery on social media:

Instagram: @hanischbakery
Twitter: @hanischbakery

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