Bakery Spotlight – Linda’s Bakery

At BakeSmart, we admire bakeries and bakery owners who are doing things differently. We like to highlight these bakeries and find out a little more about them. Recently we got to chat with Marc about Linda’s Bakery and why he loves doing what he’s doing.

Linda's Bakery - Team

The Bakery: Linda’s Bakery
The Website:
The Location: West Salem, WI
The number of years open: 47

Linda’s Bakery is a full-line retail bakery in a small town outside La Crosse, WI, which currently employs 65 full- and part-time employees. They have been using BakeSmart for eight years, utilizing:

  • Four POS machines with cash drawers
  • Four order machines
  • BakeSmart on their office computer

Linda’s Bakery offers numerous pre-packaged items with barcodes and uses wireless scanners to streamline checkout. The team at Linda’s Bakery uses the cake ordering module for all their custom cake orders. They print custom cake and regular order reports each night for the next day’s production.

“I really don’t miss tallying up orders for hours on the holidays,” says Marc. “I just print the report and start baking.”

What is your best social media tip for bakers?

“Get one of your younger staff to manage it for you, but keep in contact with them regularly regarding the subject matter. You need someone who wants to be on their phone or computer daily.”

For more social media best practices and tips, take a look at this BakeSmart blog.

Tell us about some of your favorite projects or creations.

“We run lots of weekly specials to keep interest up. We often run buy 1 get 1 free specials, but recently have cut back to $1 off sales and no sales on our busier weeks. And our anniversary sales [pictured] we had the last week of January. It really keeps our staff busy!”

Linda's Bakery - 40th Anniversary

Why do you love baking?

“I just love the variety of things I get to do every day: office work, computer work, baking, sales, maintenance. I never get tired of coming into work!”

Anything else you’d like to share?

I didn’t realize how much time and money BakeSmart would save us since it can do orders, accounts, and POS sales.

No more unreadable handwritten orders, missing orders, orders priced wrong, or lost in-store charges. Being able to look back at our sales history has made us more efficient in preparing for upcoming holidays and even just everyday sales. We rarely run out of product or are too short of items.

It became very apparent that our memory of events a year ago is not the same as reality. I would never go back to the old “dumb” cash registers and handwritten orders again!

Baked goods at Linda's bakery

Keep up with Linda’s Bakery on social media.

Instagram: @lindasbakeryws

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