How to Get Rid of Spreadsheets in Your Bakery

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Spreadsheets are great for many things—keeping track of a small inventory, recording daily purchases, and logging employee hours, to name a few. However, as your bakery becomes increasingly popular in the local community and beyond, spreadsheets can quickly become obsolete. 

After all, when you have dozens of products, hundreds of orders, and more than just a few employees, Excel may be more trouble than it’s worth. When it’s time to nix spreadsheets from your bakery, BakeSmart is here to provide streamlined solutions that will make your bakery run like a well-oiled machine! Keep reading to learn how we can help you get rid of spreadsheets once and for all.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

How Order Management Software is Changing the Game

It’s an understatement to say that running your very own bakery takes lots of determination and hard work. You already have enough on your plate during the workday—why allow cluttered spreadsheets to add to the hassle? 

While the occasional spreadsheet is probably necessary, there’s no reason to keep dozens of files on your computer when you could simplify the process with our state-of-the-art bakery software. Here’s how BakeSmart can make your life easy as pie: 

  1. Cohesiveness: Our bakery management tools consolidate your spreadsheets into one cohesive place. You can input all your products, manage incoming orders, mark old orders as fulfilled, and run your online storefront. BakeSmart helps eliminate the chaos and the clutter. 
  2. Efficiency: Efficiency is key to any successful business. While you may not be able to rush baking time, you can speed up order management. Our software allows you to save time by saying goodbye to manual entry and the multiple spreadsheets you keep track of. BakeSmart will enable you to significantly reduce the time you spend inputting the same data over and over. 
  3. Flexibility: We can help you to implement flexible solutions to meet your changing needs. After all, a customer’s favorite baked good can change at the drop of a hat, and you need software that will grow alongside your business. Our order management solutions are intuitive and flexible enough to accommodate you year after year. 

When cohesiveness, efficiency, and flexibility work in tandem–voilà–you have a bakery well on its way to continued success. Maybe you’ll keep a spreadsheet or two for payroll and past years’ income, but cutting down on Excel documents is the best way to optimize your workday. Besides less hassle and headache, BakeSmart users often see an uptick in revenue and employee satisfaction! 

Conquer the Chaos & Gain Complete Control of Your Bakery With BakeSmart

Elevating your bakery has never been easier. Thanks to BakeSmart, fledgling bakeries, and established stores alike have the resources to build a happy customer base. Our order management software was created to meet the unique needs of bakery owners across the country, and we’re glad to help you hone your process.

Is it time to shred your spreadsheets? Get started today! We guarantee you’ll love BakeSmart within just 30 days, or you’ll get your money back. Schedule a demo today and begin conquering the chaos.[/vc_column_text][gem_button text=”Schedule a Demo Button” corner=”3″ icon_pack=”elegant” link=”|title:Schedule%20a%20Demo%20Button|target:_blank”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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