BakeSmart Helps You Stay on Top of Time Cards and Labor Costs

Are you struggling to manage your employees’ hours and finding it difficult to stay on top of their productivity?  Are you worried that your overhead won’t cover the actual costs of your employee hours?  With the BakeSmart software you can rest assured that this is one less thing to worry about managing. Let us help you.

Setting Up Time Cards

With our innovative integrations, you can easily add specific roles for each type of task or role you have within your business. Do you need a specific hourly range for your bakers, one that differs from your front of the house associate? No worries!  

You can easily create different time card sign-ins for each task and role. The ease of access for adding and removing “jobs” or specific designations is something you can continually update as the need arises, depending on your business and how many different employees you have.  You can even edit the designation, if you find it’s not accurately accounting for the overhead costs.  

Along with setting up specific job designations, you are also able to manage based on store location (i.e., if you have multiple stores and employees who work at both).  Our software also allows you to edit time cards from all locations, remotely.  Say an employee worked at store A on Monday and store B on Wednesday, but they ended up choosing the wrong job description for both, back in the home office you can remedy the oversight, to make sure you are able to accurately account for time and money spent at each location. This is just one way our software helps you manage your overhead, accurately and quickly.

Clocking In and Out

We all have had those days, where you feel like you’ve forgotten something, but can’t place what is or was, until you’re ready to head home.  Don’t fret!  Our software helps ease those worrisome mishaps.  Let’s look at clocking in and out.  If your employee has forgotten to clock in, or clock in to the correct designation, you don’t have to sweat doing the math.  Simply go into the time card function, input your password, and select the proper job description.  You can access this function from your main computer or from any of your terminals.   

Once you input a new employee into the system, they will be required to set up a password to gain access and control their personal time cards and any functions they are approved to use. This ensures security for your employees and a way for you to safeguard your business.

Oftentimes state laws mandate unpaid breaks, depending on how many hours your employee is scheduled to work.  You can manage this by adjusting the settings to account for clocking out for breaks.  This way, your employees have the ability to select the proper “clock out”, i.e. leaving for the day or taking their unpaid break.  Again, this is one less task which you will have to micromanage, once your workers are trained with using the BakeSmart software.  

Pricing, When to Increase and Decrease

So, now that everyone is savvy with using the system to log their time and their tasks, you’re able to analyze where your labor costs stand.  Again, you can compile the data for multiple stores/locations or individually.  Once you have a greater insight into where the bulk of your labor costs are stemming from, you are able to better judge if your customers are truly paying for what they are getting.  

The functionality of our software enables you to increase or decrease pricing based on dollars, cents, or percentages. Once you determine what is selling the most and what products have the highest profit margins, you can begin to slowly adjust to equal out margins across your product offering. Don’t be afraid to raise costs on the items that take more time and effort.  If you notice that you’ve changed prices and in turn are selling more or less of a product, you can, at any time, go in and re-adjust. The number one point of importance is that you ensure you are charging enough to create the profits you need, to continue to thrive.

There are many daunting tasks to owning and running your own bakery.  However, we’re guessing you didn’t open shop to study profit/loss margins, but rather because you love to bake and create delicious items.BakeSmart can help you focus on what you love to do, not what you have to do.

BakeSmart can help you manage more than just your time cards; we can give your entire operation a leg up. Check out all the helpful features of BakeSmart, software created specifically to meet the needs of a retail bakery. Or schedule a BakeSmart demo today!

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