Bakery Spotlight – Not Jus’ Donuts Bakery Cakes & More

Welcome to our Bakery Spotlight! Today, we’re taking the opportunity to get to know Not Jus’ Donuts Bakery Cakes & More a little better! Keep reading to learn more.

Not Jus’ Donuts Bakery Cakes & More is a bakery and cafe owned and operated by Ms. Myrtle and her two daughters, Andrea and Rosharon. The Not Jus’ Donuts team comes from a long line of bakers and cooks, which inspired them to start their own retail bakery back in 2000. 

Today, they pride themselves on their families’ timeless Southern recipes that have been passed down for generations—with some recipes being nearly 180 years old. When you purchase Not Jus’ Donuts Bakery’s desserts, you’re not just getting a high-quality dessert; you’re also getting a little piece of my history. We spoke with Andrea to get all the inside information:

What treats do you sell?

“We pride ourselves on family old Southern recipes that were passed down—some are as old as 180 yrs old. We are a retail bakery that makes everything from sweet potato pies to wedding cakes. Don’t let our name fool you….. though we typically make donuts, we have down-scaled a great deal, as we found that our profit margin is quite low. 

Since COVID, we temporarily discontinued making donuts. Cakes, cookies, cobblers, pies, and cupcakes is what brings in the money. We are currently working on re-branding ourselves to reflect who we are.”

What is your best social media tip for bakers?

“Customers eat with their eyes first. Post your best work.”

What are some of your favorite projects or creations?

“My favorite creation was making a sewing machine cake. The customer was in California when she ordered over the phone for her sister, who was 75 yrs old and had retired as a seamstress. The customer entrusted me with such a difficult design. I wasn’t too confident that I could pull it off, as this was the first 3D cake I had ever done. I underpriced her a great deal and worked 36 hours straight with small naps in between. 

I was to deliver the cake on a Sunday at noon, and I worked on this cake all the way up to delivery. I thought I was finished with the cake at 3 a.m. Sunday, but the cake started buckling, and I had to redo the top part of the cake. I felt so much joy when I rolled the cake out on a cart onto the stage…. the guest gave me a standing ovation…. it brought tears to my eyes! I was so tired—if they only knew all the difficulty I faced in creating this cake! The party girl was brought to tears when she saw her cake. The customer whom ordered the cake was also overwhelmed. About a week later, I received a thank you card, and the check for my tip was larger than I expected.I was totally surprised by this.”

Why do you love baking?

“I’ve loved baking since I was a kid, and I love baking even more as an adult. Baking is therapeutic for me as well, as I love to bring a smile to my customers’ faces and bellies as I share with them the goodness I grew up on. I love baking because many of our recipes were passed down to me… I get to share a bit of my history through my baking.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

“Having a small bakery business is tough but add working with family to the equation, and it’s even tougher…whew….it takes a lot of prayer and patience.”

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