BakeSmart Offers Useful, Efficient Integrations

Do you find yourself manually inputting your bakery’s accounting, financials, customer data, and wasting time by repeating these tasks over multiple platforms? Luckily with BakeSmart’s handy integrations, you can cut down on the number of times you need to transfer the same information over to a different application. 

BakeSmart offers both Quickbooks and Mailchimp integrations so you can handle email marketing, payroll, invoices, and sales without ever leaving BakeSmart. Now, if only we could integrate a few more hours in the day to get tasks done, we’d have it made. 

Take a look at how these integrations could make managing a bakery a little more efficient.

Multiple Solutions, One Application

BakeSmart’s QB integration is set up to sync sales totals, customer invoices, and time card data. You can track all your numbers in one place with no switching over to another program or application.

Our integration is a must, especially if you have more than one location. Sales totals are sent as a single QB sales receipt every day for each store. All tickets are grouped together and included in this sales receipt.


With the integration, invoices are only sent to QB once they are closed (paid in full) so that the invoice and payment aren’t duplicated or lost. This allows invoices to be managed and payments to be applied in a single application, instead of having to maintain the same data in two applications. 

Another helpful function of the QB integrations is that it will automatically create a customer record for an invoice if the customer does not already exist in QB. 

To err is human, but luckily our integration will help you keep your numbers in check. There’s no need for a single error to ruin days or weeks worth of sales data. If an error occurs during a data transfer, BakeSmart will record the error in the Log section. This will give you a chance to correct the problem and attempt the sync again. 

Details, Details

With our QB integration, you can sync taxes and payments with BakeSmart’s calculations and data storage.  With BakeSmart you can track your money flow and pull a full accounting log. Line items on your sales receipt are broken down into each payment method used on that day in the corresponding store, as well as each tax rate that’s set up in BakeSmart. 

Mailchimp Integration

BakeSmart also has a Mailchimp integration so you can sync email addresses and ensure that your contact list is always up-to-date. As a bakery, you can utilize a digital email campaign to widen your reach and get real customers into your bakery.

80% of marketers agree email marketing remains one of the most effective strategies. Use email to connect to your customers and promote your bakery. You can use email campaigns to advertise:

  • Giveaways
  • New product launches
  • In-store discounts and coupons
  • Secret sales
  • New blog posts

Find out how to use email marketing to get people in your bakery

BakeSmart can help you manage more than just your QuickBooks and Mailchimp processes; we can give your entire operation a leg up.

Schedule a demo with BakeSmart and start conquering the chaos.

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