How to Get the Most Out of the BakeSmart Production Management Tools: Basic Settings

Production is most likely at the heart of your bakery’s operations. You can’t sell what you don’t have. But as you probably know, production is more complicated than one would think. BakeSmart wants you to have the best bakery you can have, but to do that, you need to be able to get the most out of our production management tools.

In the first of our four-part series on our Production Management Tools, we’ll show you how the basic settings can help get you organized and customize BakeSmart to your bakery.

Just so you know, there are three types of Production in BakeSmart:

  • Simple Production with Automatic Inventory Pulls
  • Simple Production with Manual Inventory Pulls
  • Full Production

Whether you’re looking for a detailed production process with ingredient and lot tracking or quick production with automatic inventory pulls, BakeSmart has features that will help your bakery conquer the chaos. 

Centralized Location

No matter which type of production makes the most sense for your bakery, all three options have the same basic settings that can help you streamline your production so you can focus on doing what you do best, creating delicious baked goods. One incredibly useful setting gives you the ability to set a centralized location.

If your bakery has multiple stores but produces at a central location, you can use the Centralized Production setting and set the store where production occurs. BakeSmart will prompt the production user to enter quantities that should be transferred to each additional store when a batch is completed.

Conversely, if each store handles its own production, you can set the type of production individually for each store. For example, if a bakery produces items in its North and South stores, the North store could use the Simple Production setting while the South store uses the Full Production management tool.

Rounding Batches

Another helpful setting allows you to round batches to the nearest quarter, half, or whole batch. You don’t have to worry if math wasn’t your strongest subject in school because BakeSmart will do the math for you!

Depending on your recipes, rounded batches can make your inventory pulls easier so you don’t have to pull out the measuring cups just yet. But if you’re a little OCD, you can simply leave it blank and BakeSmart will give you exact numbers.

Donuts on Rack | BakeSmart

Date and Volume Limits

Communication between the front-of-house staff and the back-of-house is crucial to keep both customers and bakers happy. Those taking orders may not realize or even understand the limits of the bakery’s production lines.

Let’s say it’s graduation season and your bakery is receiving a large number of sheet cake orders, but either through staff changes throughout the day or simple miscalculation, now you have taken orders for 100 sheet cakes in a day. With BakeSmart you can set volume limits so that you don’t have any frustrated grads and their families. BakeSmart can remind you when the orders you take surpass your production capabilities.

The limits also work for dates and times. Maybe your bakery isn’t open on Monday, or you’ve decided to shorten your hours on a holiday, BakeSmart won’t let you take orders on according to the timing limits you choose to set.  

BakeSmart’s production basic settings can help you keep on track so you can continue to deliver the best baked goods around.

Using the basic settings is just one way to get the most out of BakeSmart’s Production Management Tools. Take a look at how else we can help you conquer the chaos of production:

Schedule a demo with BakeSmart and start conquering the chaos.

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