BakeSmart POS: Highly Customizable and Easy-to-use

Is your bakery’s current point of sales (POS) system a little clunky? Maybe you’ve had to find workarounds to ensure that your bakery items are charged and recorded correctly. If that’s the case, most likely, your POS system wasn’t created specifically for bakeries. Luckily, that’s where BakeSmart steps in.

Our POS system is designed for bakeries, so the features it offers are exactly what they need, all in one system. Touch screens with a highly customizable and easy-to-use interface allow bakeries to complete transactions with any type of customer in seconds. 

Bird’s Eye View

At its most basic, BakeSmart’s POS system is your virtual representation of a cash register. It allows you to keep track of all your cash and payments so you can settle up at the end of the day. It offers helpful product information notes for intricate items, and the main screen has an area for “favorite items” for quick access to the goods you sell most often. 

Employees can easily take payments in cash, credit cards, or gift cards. For group orders, you can choose to split the check evenly between customers or assign specific items to customers. No calculator needed!

If a customer has visited you before and has an account in BakeSmart, you can invoice them directly and even assign them loyalty points for the purchase. 

Users who are also using BakeSmart’s production management tools get even more for their money. The POS system integrates with the Production Module, so as items are sold through the system, it will automatically reduce on-hand levels of the finished goods (inventory woes be gone!).

What’s a Doughnut Without Coffee

While each of the POS features will, of course, work for a bakery’s freshly baked items, BakeSmart also offers options for so much more. If your bakery also sells piping hot coffee to go along with your doughnuts, we’ve got you covered. Our coffee options allow you to build drinks with modifiers that do or do not have an extra price with them. When you’re finished with the order, you can send the receipt right to your drink station.

BakeSmart’s POS system offers the same features for deli items like sandwiches made from your fresh bread. Input your basic sandwich and build it according to your customer’s preference of bread, condiments, and toppings. And just like with coffee, there’s no need to write down a ticket. Print it straight to a deli or kitchen printer. 

Offering a Baker’s Dozen

When it comes to discounts and coupons for your customers, BakeSmart’s POS system offers you total control. Set the foundation with pre-entered discounts for specific audiences like seniors, veterans, or students. You can choose if you’d like the discount to apply to a particular product or the entire sale.

BakeSmart also gives you the ability to create coupons and say how you want them to be used. Customers could need to redeem them specifically online through your website or in-store, use at a particular location, or spend a minimum amount of money. You can choose if you’d like customers to save a:

  • Dollar amount off
  • Percent off entire ticket
  • Percent off a single item

Set active dates and time periods so customers can only use them during a specific window of time. Maybe you want to have a 25% off Labor Day sale or a $4 discount on the 4th of July. The sky’s the limit.

With discount groups, you can offer a real baker’s dozen without needing to do the math yourself. Similarly, you can offer combo items like soup and salad, chips and drink, etc. 

Settings Give You Ultimate Control

The BakeSmart POS system can provide you everything you need, and you can customize it to best fit your bakery. For everyday sales and purchases, you have the opportunity to implement settings to help cut down on financial discrepancies that could cause headaches down the road. There’s plenty of opportunities for customization, such as:

  • Require the employee to select the payment type
  • Require confirmation for the payment amount 
  • Show notes and table number for table service 
  • Require a reason to be entered for refund
  • Log employees’ time on the system 
  • Require a new login after a certain amount of time of inactivity
  • Prompt the customer to sign up for your emails or loyalty program 

You can even set receipt settings to include a logo, barcode, table number, or sort the receipt by category and subcategory.

And don’t worry about your settings being altered accidentally. You can choose who is allowed to change the POS settings. BakeSmart offers individual access privileges that apply to just about everything mentioned above and more. 

With BakeSmart, you really can do everything you need to do. You get full control to ensure that your sales transactions are easy and efficient. 

BakeSmart can help you manage more than just your point of sales; we can give your entire operation a leg up.

Looking for a way to offer your online customers same-day pickup? BakeSmart Online has you covered! Check out our example site or schedule a BakeSmart demo today!

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