Bakery Spotlight – The Ambrosia Bakery

At BakeSmart, we admire bakeries and bakery owners who are doing things differently. We like to highlight these bakeries and find out a little more about them. Recently we got to chat with Felix Jr. about The Ambrosia Bakery and why he loves doing what he’s doing.

The Ambrosia Bakery

The Bakery: The Ambrosia Bakery
The Website:
The Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
The number of years open: 25

Felix’s mother, Cheryl, began decorating cakes in the early 1980s and spent some time working for others in the bakery business and gift shops. When Felix Sr. lost his job of 27 years due to a company merger, he felt it was too late to start over in another job. By combining both of their talents and interests, they decided to start their own business to provide beautiful cakes and delicious desserts to the people of Baton Rouge.

In 1991, the bakery got its start in a little 1200 square foot building. After three years in that building, they custom built a 3274 square foot building approximately one mile from the original location. A few years later they added 1,000 square feet of production area.

Due to demand, The Ambrosia Bakery decided to upgrade for a third time with a new location. This location has over 8,200 square feet of production, retail space, and staffing that ranges from 60 to 70 employees depending on the season.

What is your best social media tip for bakers?

“Stay consistent with your posts on a regular basis, but try not to overdo it for your customers’ sake. Use lots of pictures and videos. I have seen a tremendous increase in Likes by actually posting on our Google Business Page since we have so many people finding us there anyway.”

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Tell us about some of your favorite projects or creations.

“This year we completed the largest King Cake that we have ever done! It measured in at over 120 feet in length. It served 1,500 people in Houston, Texas on Mardi Gras Day.”

Why do you love baking?

“It’s a passion that we’ve had in our family for a very long time. It’s very exciting to deliver cakes that will be remembered for many years to come: Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, 1st Communion Cakes, and Anniversary Cakes. It’s just something we love to do!”

Keep up with Ambrosia Bakery on social media.

Instagram: @ambrosiabakery
Twitter: @ambrosiabakery

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