Invermere Bakery Highlight on Success

The Invermere Bakery was the lucky first-place winner of our IBIE Contest on Instagram. We got to hear from Darian and Corina about The Invermere Bakery and why they love doing what they do. 

Invermere Bakery

The Bakery: The Invermere Bakery
The Website:
The Location: Invermere, British Columbia

The Invermere Bakery is an artisanal cafe in the heart of British Columbia, with creations inspired by their employees’ European roots. Although they’ve been around since 1956 and take pride in their traditional styles of baking, it’s important to them that they keep current, so they’re constantly finding new products to offer customers.

What does success look like for your bakery? 

“We’re not happy unless our customers are. At the end of the day, it’s not about how long our lines are. Our success is measured by the positive experiences we’re able to give people. Whether they’re ordering a wedding cake or having their first coffee of the day, we want people to feel welcome and at home when they shop with us.”

What advice do you have for running a successful bakery? 

“Don’t be afraid of progress; love what you do and make a consistent effort to try something new.”

How have you learned from past mistakes?

“From past mistakes, we learn the art of perseverance: to keep going and try again, no matter the cost.”

What motivates you? 

“The Invermere Bakery is motivated by our community. Each of our recipes acts as a love letter to the people surrounding us. We’re constantly striving to bring new creations to the valley.”

Keep up with The Invermere Bakery on social media:

Instagram: @the_invermere_bakery

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