How to Get the Most Out of the BakeSmart Production Management Tools: Running Full Production

This is the third in a series about how to get the most out of the BakeSmart Production Management Tools. Read the first one, here.  

Simple production works well if you just need to keep track of inventory and costs, but sometimes you need more details. That’s why we offer Full Production. You’ll get much more detailed information on your batches and inventory, even allowing you to add equipment time and labor so you can get a better idea of what your products cost.

After you hit Run Production, you’ll see all the batches that are set to Ready but have not yet been completed. When you click on the batch it will bring up the Production Batch Details screen where you can view the requirements to bake the selected batch as well as record your progress. It can be incredibly helpful to have all the information you need in one place at one time. With Full Production, you can see details like:

  • Batch status
  • Shelf life
  • Required quantity
  • Any formula information
  • Ingredients on-hand or needed for partial products (like pie crusts)
  • Partial batch calculations

Detailed View

By default, numbers for a full batch are displayed, but you can also view part of a batch if that is all you need for the day. For example, let’s say you need to make eight apple pies which are equal to one-third of a batch. BakeSmart can tell you how much of each ingredient that you need, as well as how much of any necessary partial products, like pie crust in this instance.

It even lets you note which shelf or rack they will be placed on and the shelf life of each. BakeSmart enables you to choose whether the temperature of each is ambient, refrigerated, or frozen. A pie in the fridge will last longer than the pie in the display case.

Bakers on Computer | BakeSmart Production Module

Automatically Track Inventory

You can use BakeSmart to keep track of your inventory, as you reduce your stock of raw goods and increase the inventory of finished goods or even partial products like pie crusts. And then as items are sold, the production tool reduces the number of on-hand inventory of all those finished goods sold through the system. No more handwritten tally sheets or clumsy spreadsheets!

Since our production tool understands how much of each ingredient goes into a single baked good, it can tell you how much it costs to make. But as you know, the cost of a good cake is more than the flour, eggs, and butter you bought. BakeSmart allows you to add equipment time and labor so you can get a better idea of what your products cost. This can help you set your prices appropriately.

Running Full Production is just one way to get the most out of BakeSmart’s Production Management Tools. Take a look at how else we can help you conquer the chaos of production:

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