How to Get the Most Out of the BakeSmart Production Management Tools: Handling Waste and Recalls

This is the fourth in a series about how to get the most out of the BakeSmart Production Management Tools. Read the first one, here.  

No matter how hard you try, some of the items you have worked so hard to make will go to waste. You’ll end up dropping a cookie or discovering an item that has surpassed its shelf life. You need a way to log the goods that will ultimately end up in the trash.

BakeSmart’s Enter Waste button allows you to enter the quantity of the wasted product. If it’s just one, then you won’t need to enter anything, but if a whole tray gets knocked over (heaven forbid), then you can enter the number that fell on the floor. If any of the wasted items are part of an active batch, then they will be deducted. Similarly, any associated inventory items will also be deducted.

Here are some of the preloaded reasons for waste:

  • Contaminated
  • Dropped
  • Expired
  • Returned

Handling Recalls

One uncontrollable reason for waste is a recall on your ingredients. If you’re running full production, one click can tell you which products contain the recalled ingredient, which batches were affected, and even let you know which customers bought those items. BakeSmart will also automatically waste any of the remaining finished goods and inventory items for that ingredient.

Utilizing the waste feature is just one way to get the most out of BakeSmart’s Production Management Tools. Take a look at how else we can help you conquer the chaos of production:

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